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How to decide the best golf GPS watch

The key features you need from a GPS device are:

  • Distance from green (front, center or back) and likely
  • Distance to dangers

You should decide if you need both, but any GPS golf device can measure the distance from the green. GPS devices compatible with the danger function would cost more.

User friendliness

Simplicity is mainly in the game of golf, where time counts. The best golf GPS watch should be easy to use and manage. Just click on a button or tap on the screen. You should be able to determine the distance to the green or hazard.


Never buy a Golf GPS device that pays a monthly, annual, or upgrade fee for the course. Check the details to make sure. And you do not even need a personal caddy. There are the best available products with no upgrade or subscription rates for good golf brands that offer the best accuracy in measuring distances and risks on the course.

Battery life

The life of the battery is very important. You do not want to be in the middle of a lap, and the battery is dead. What is the best Golf GPS watch if one cannot use it because the power management of the device is bad? In our test, we calculate the average cycles of all recommended or tested devices and also the number of holes that one needs to cover.

Pre-installed courses

Whether you are playing on a small county golf course or traveling anywhere in the world, you need a device that covers all the golf courses in the world. And not just all the golf courses that will be available in the next ten years! Maybe he wants to play on the same golf course where the next PGA tour will take place.

Others –Not necessary

Other features include Smart Notification, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, scorecards, club tips, wake-up calls, etc. They are just add-ons that you do not need. Make sure to check this features for the best golf GPS watch before you start playing!

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